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Changing the lifestyle of Youth, Families, and Community through the abilities to work towards a stronger, healthier, self-sufficient future. 


Medicine Root Gardening Class

The Medicine Root gardening program is a nine-month gardening course geared at educating interested youth, families, and communities in everything you need to know to become a successful seasonal entrepreneur, while becoming self-sufficient. 

Classes begin the third week of January and will continue through the month of October, this class takes a large amount of commitment, but the benefits of becoming self-sufficient are very rewarding. 

Preservation-Value-Added Classes

Educating students from the Medicine Root Garden program in home canning, pressure canning, dehydration, and value-added foods.

  • Water bath canning: Tomatoes, salsa, peppers, pickles, native buffalo berry, choke cherry, plum jams

  • Pressure Canning: Green Beans, pasta sauces, corn, pumpkin pie filling, and soups. 

  • Dehydration: Beef jerky, fruit leather, herbs, squash, carrots, onions, potatoes, turnips, traditional drying method for corn (wagmiza), peppers and herbs.

  • Breads: Zucchini 

Farmers Market

An opportunity for the Medicine Root gardening students to earn a seasonal income by selling their fresh vegetables, flowers, and herbs. The farmer's market is set up at various locations across the reservation in Sharps Corner, Pine Ridge, Manderson, Martin, and Kyle. June through September. The medicine root farmers market was the first to start accepting EBT/SNAP Benefits on the reservation beginning in 2014.

Medicine Root Farmers Market Facebook Page:

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Vegetable Distribution Program

An opportunity for the Medicine Root Gardening students to sell a portion of their fresh vegetables to Running Strong for American Indian Youth as an addition to their monthly food box distribution program, by adding fresh produce we are encouraging healthier eating habits. 

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