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Our cultural programs promote the preservation and renewal of traditional knowledge by storytelling, song, dance, traditional foods, and arts & crafts.

Prior to the pandemic, we've held various classes on how to make Star Quilts, Regalia, and other Lakota Arts & Crafts. Because these are hands-on classes and require face to face interactions, we haven't been able to provide them. We look forward to being able to provide these classes again for people to gain new knowledge and skills.

Cultural Teachings

From classes on star quilts, hand drums, to recipes and beading techniques, we help reconnect children and families with traditional Lakota cultural values, arts & crafts, and traditional foods & crafts.


Arts & Crafts

Center activities include:

Beading, Drawing, Making Hand Drums, Breast Plates, Hair Ties, Moccasins, Bows, Head Roaches, and Dream Catchers.

Sewing Class

We offer sewing sessions. Completing one project requires you to take three classes. Youth and Adults learn new skills and gain knowledge on traditional regalia, star quilts, and shawls.

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