Ten Thousand

Donors Campaign

The Pine Ridge Reservation is home to over 30,000 members of the Oglala Lakota tribe. Whereas many of these people live well below the national poverty line, they are not living without hope. Hope comes in many forms on the reservation, from the public and private school systems, to a self-grown Lakota People’s college, to entrepreneurial businesses.


The Oyate Teca Project, centrally located in the community of Kyle, SD is one such manifestation of a hopeful future on the reservation. Primarily a youth center serving after school elementary to high school students, Oyate Teca has branched out to serve many of the community’s residents. For the past three years, the director, Rose Fraser, has assisted volunteers in planting a quarter acre of vegetables and then selling these in their new Farmers Market to provide fresh local produce. From give-aways to community education classes, from school supply drives to clothing distribution, Oyate Teca has proven that it is a vital and valuable part of the community.



The Oyate Teca Youth Center is housed in a small building that needs much repair.
“Ten Thousand Donors Campaign” seeks to raise funds to replace that building with sufficient space to accomplish the goals and needs of the community.
Our Vision

The vision of the Ten Thousand Donors Campaign is to have a safe and viable building for the Youth Center in Kyle. It will be part of a hub of buildings focused on providing assistance in the self-determined growth of the Lakota People in the 21st century. These buildings will serve to reflect and perpetuate the Lakota culture as defined by the Lakota People.

Our Mission

The mission of the Ten Thousand Donors Campaign is to raise sufficient funds to replace the old Oyate Teca Project building with a “green” oriented building incorporating Native sensibilities that will serve as a viable Youth Center for the community. In addition, it will provide meeting space for community education and projects. This Campaign will also identify volunteers who will serve in the many capacities, from  construction to public relations, from technical assistants to plumbers, that are needed to bring this project to fruition.

Why Ten Thousand?

If you wish to make a donation to our rebuilding fund, please send it to:

Oyate Teca Project

PO Box 316 Kyle SD 57752


mark it for the Oyate Teca Rebuilding Fund.


For your Reference:

EIN # 46-0438929 LN: 1016-9040-RA


Oyate Teca Project is an affiliate of Oyate Networking Project, a 501(c)(3) non-profi t organization, known as a relief agency, youth program, located on the Pine Ridge Reservation, Kyle, South Dakota.

If 10,000 donors each make a reasonable commitment of only $10.00 (the cost of 2 Starbucks coffees or a lunch sandwich and fries or 2.5 gallons of gas), that cumulative $100,000 will be the beginning of creating a solid and useful building which reflects the pride and hope of the people as they define themselves in the 21st century.

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