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The Oyate Teca Project (Young Peoples Project), founded in 1991, is a vital and functioning program that serves more than 700 Oglala Lakota youth through a variety of practical and carefully designed activities. 

Our Mission

is promoting the wellbeing of children and their families through culture, education, recreation and health programs.

We are a 501c3 non-profit organization centrally located on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in Kyle, South Dakota.

In 2016, Running Strong for American Indian Youth formalized their partnership with Oyate Teca Project making us a new official program site.

We are a highly regarded program with a great track record that provides an opportunity to engage the youth in a number of meaningful and wholesome activities intended for all ages. Many youth would otherwise not be able to access some of the services offered at the center.

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17_356_Flipbook_17_Billy and Gene at Mt.

Running Strong Co-Founders Gene Krizek and Billy Mills

Oyate Ta Kola Ku Community Center

In Spring 2021, the Oyate Teca Project  and Running Strong for American Indian Youth will begin construction on the Oyate Ta Kola Ku "Friend of All Nations" Community Center in Kyle, SD. 

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Cultural programs promoting the preservation and/or renewing traditional knowledge in storytelling, song, dance, traditional foods, and arts & crafts.

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Provide a safe and constructive environment for youth and their families.



Collaborations with local schools, businesses and other agencies to provide financial literacy, preventative activities, and youth leadership programs.



Changing the lifestyle of Youth, Families, and Community through the abilities to work towards a stronger, healthier, self-sufficient future. 

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